Why did we found Kicktester?


A few years ago Kickstarter revolutionised game development by enabling projects to flourish, whose success would have been impossible without crowdfunding. Today a large percentage of board- and roleplaying games are published with the help of this catalyst — though a few probably could have remained in embryo state. The pressure of  highly increased number of games coming out per year drove down the time and energy spent on their testing, which unfortunately resulted in poorer quality – see the article – though the ideas were good in general. Watching all this, our impression was that a professional game testing company could help to substantially improve game quality and helps fill the gaping hole that is currently on the market, helping both gamers and creators.

Who are we?


We can be labelled in many different ways – journalist, product manager, programmer, librarian – but the most important, unifying factor is that we are all gamers. Our experiences added together, we have tried more than a 100 different types of role playing games, more than a 1000 different board games, and we have played or are currently playing with about a dozen wargames. We always liked criticising games, analysing their faults, coming up with better combinations and improving them with our own rules or with homemade accessories. We love immersing ourselves in the different worlds, sometimes thinking about conceptual problems for days on end – and of course, similar to a drug addict, we always needed the next dose of new games. We decided that we want to make a living out of what we love doing: and that is gaming and game development. We are in the lucky position that the members of the group see games from slightly different angles and together we represent almost the whole spectrum of gamer types. It seemed like a no brainer to put our knowledge and experience together to create something that represents great value.

  • Balázs Pásztor
  • Balázs Nemes
  • József Gál
  • Csaba Völgyi
  • Nándor Dohar
  • László Ferenci
  • Ádám Szegedi
  • Máté Sárosi

Hi, I’m Balázs Pásztor, game developer and journalist. I’m here out of sheer love for games. I’ve played over a 1000 boardgames and know exactly which games will mean competition for you. Favorite games: Terraforming Mars, Millenium Blades, and Warhammer: fantasy (9th Age).

My name is Balázs Nemes, I’m a Systems and Software Engineer. I look critically at all systems because I understand why they are put together the way they are. I’m the one who finds out why your game is shit instead of the shit – and how to fix it. Favorite games: Terraforming Mars, Battlestar Galactica.

My name is Jozsef Gal, I am an economist and a game master. I have been playing computer games, board games and role playing games since the 80s. I know a few hundred board games and I am able to find out when a game is not fun to play for the audience or asymmetric on an unenjoyable level. Favourite games: Hungarian Tarokk, 7 Wonders, Dune.

I am Csaba Völgyi. I have been working in the boargame industry for a few years. I have played with hundreds of boardgames. I love to analyze them. I am always on how to make a game’s system perfect and how to maximaze fun. My favorite games are Brass Birmingham, Through the Ages and Bloodrage.

My name is Nándor Dohar. I’m a journalist and salsa teacher, who can point out what ‘gimmick’ your game has or what could provide a flow-experience that will grab the players’ attention – and how to achieve that. Favorite games: Scythe, a Munchkin és az oWoD Mage.

I’m László Ferenci, I often run the boardgame corner at festivals, conventions and other events, so I have experience with players of all ages and types: I know what games people like, from little kids to grandparents, casuals to ‘pros’. Favorite games:  Discworld: Ank-Morpork, Carcassone.

My name is Ádám Szegedi. I’ve been working in the boardgame business as product manager for a while now, and I know what catches the attention of a publisher, or even the buyer. Favorite games: Legendary Encounter (Marvel), and everything with unicorns or ponies.

Hey, its Matt. Since my teenage a was into competitive gaming. I love to analyze rulesets and games, dissect the system to squeeze out the most from a competitive standpoint. I will make sure your consumers get a product which is balanced and fun to play. Favourite games: Star Wars and Warhammer 40k games.


The service we offer


We take your game apart and analyse every bit – no small, seemingly insignificant fault or loophole will remain unnoticed, and we will also help in improving the balance. When we play it, will become a part of your game and will make sure that this ‘flow’ experience will transfer onto your target group as well whilst making sure the gaming system matches the game’s theme. We will look at your packaging plans, graphics and accessories with the eyes of a retailer and will help in making sure they deliver the expected quality and ideally exceed them. We will look at your competitors and will help you find what makes your game stand out that could make it successful. If you want, we can take an integral part in the development process and you can build in our ideas without extra charge. We know excellent Hungarian graphic designers, 3D sculptors and publishers, whom we are happy to introduce you to. We are happy to translate your game into Hungarian and we could probably give you some advice regarding the Kickstarter campaign too.


Game Diary – example document


Who could benefit from our work?


In our opinion, absolutely anyone. Gamers who feel like that their game is finished, but would like to double check, or if you’ve only got an idea and want to explore it – and of course anyone in between. We are happy to test everything from strenuous strategy game requiring about a 100 test games at least, to leisurely party games or role playing games. If you only want us to look at your idea and give you a brief opinion — no problem. And if you feel we are worth your time and money to trust your game to us, we will do our absolute best to pull it apart and only put back in the things that are really needed, for it to become something you can be proud of. If you choose the right package we can help in all the development phases to make an average game better, and a better one into one of the best.

 Quick game (5-40 mins)Long game (45 mins-3 hours)Epic game 3+ hoursFlash game (max 5 mins)Package DescriptionPrice (inc. Vat)
Opinion only package5 games3 games2 games10 gamesGiven number of test games within 1-2 weeks. Summary about the opinions of the game, and report about the technical details. Notes about the bigger mistakes, giving recommendation of possible solutions, and pointing out similar games on the market. Drawing attention to unique parts, and offering ideas about the realization of them. Advice on finding your target group.200€
Brief-Analysis package12 games7 games5 games20+ gamesGiven number of test games within 1 month. Detailed summary about the opinions of the game, from different viewpoints. Analysing technical details, recognising mistakes, giving recommendation of possible solutions for these, and advicing on possible ways of enhancing the gaming experience.
Comparing to similar games on the market, calling attention to unique parts, and offering ideas about the realization of them. Advice on finding your target group, finding market gaps.
Deep-analysis package20 games12 games8 games40+ gamesGiven number of test games within 1-2 months. Detailed summary about opinions of the game and recommendations, from different viewpoints. Analysis of macro and micro technical details, giving a complete matematical analysis, recognising mistakes and finding combinatorial problems, recommending possible solutions. Testing the game with the target group you ask for, and with the universal group too, and giving advice on enhancing the gaming experience.
Comparing to similar games on the market, bringing attention to unique parts, and offering ideas about the realization of them. Analysing the target group, finding market gaps, helping with the technical realization by offering advice and some useful connections.
2 video conferences about the game.
Game development package25+ games15+ games10+ games50+ gamesEverything that's included in the Deep-analysis package + active parttaking in the game develompent, giving personal ideas, that can be used freely. A video conference in every 2 weeks (minimum), and the offering of all the possible connections. Testing constantly changing rules and rule variations. Creating a print&play beta piece in Indesign.1000€
A to Z packageUnlimited number of gamesUnlimited number of gamesUnlimited number of gamesUnlimited number of gamesFor half a year, you have our body and mind! Constant testing, game developing, deep analysis, consultations, organising more test groups if necessary (in the target group if needed), and everything that was included in our previous package. We'll help you all everyway. At the same time, we can only promise to work on 3 projects at this intensity, please contact us in e-mail, for further information.5000€
Kickstarter package----Creating a Kickstarter recommendation, and making a video about the test game, giving advices about the campain's technical and theoretical parts, and adverising the kickstarter on our social media platforms.+50€
Kickstarter Hungary extra package----Translating the rulebook to hungarian, and creating a hungarian game review in a hugarian gamer blog. Supporting the hungarian campain for the game.+ 50€
Graphics package----Creating design and grapics for the game, according to your preferences. Send us an e-mail about what you need, and we'll respond as soon as possible.Variable
Make your game package
As much test as neededAs much test as neededAs much test as neededAs much test as neededWrite us a mail about what kind of board game you want (click to the test), and we'll write you quotation. It can be a special gift to your company, or your favorite group/society, and it can be for pubition. Just feel free to contact us!Variable
VIP package----No matter how many games we have waiting in line, yours come firstDouble the package price
"Is it worth developing?" package----You have an idea, but you don't know if it's woth the effort, according to the current state of the market? Just tell us about it, and we'll help you decide.50€
Maths only package----Statistical/mathematical analisys of a game's mechanics (or a part of it)Depends on complexity
Professional vetting----Professional revising of hungarian and english rulebooks (game testing included)100€
Wargame testingAs much test as neededAs much test as neededAs much test as neededAs much test as neededTabletop wargame testingDepends on complexity
Roleplay Game testingAs much test as neededAs much test as neededAs much test as neededAs much test as neededRPG testingDepends on complexity
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